Acoustic Pad Quadrat basic


Ceiling- and Wall System

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With the ceiling and wall elements of the slim, flexible Rossoacoustic PAD product family, it is easy to find an answer to the complexity of demands regarding the spatial surroundings and the acoustics. Suspended from the ceiling and height-adjustable without tools, free arrangements and groups of pads can be composed as well as strictly homogeneous grid patterns or more complex grid fields.

The Rossoacoustic PAD Basic is an excellent B-class sound absorber. As an ideal problem solver for communicative office zones with high speech-intel- ligibility requirements, the Rossoacoustic PAD Basic is the product of first choice. Like the Rossoacous- tic PAD Plus, the low weight allows problem-free attachment to thin parts of the overlay of complex concrete ceilings.

With its soft patterned surface indentations, the corner radii and the tapering of the edges, the design of the Rossoacoustic PADs invokes some design elements of the Nimbus LED luminaires. The edge lengths and diameters of the Rossoacoustic PADs also perfectly match their corresponding lighting counterparts, the Nimbus Modul Q and Modul R Project LED luminaires.

Highly effective, 10 mm-thick absorber of Absorption Class B for basic sound dampening in rooms.

Without Mounting Set - please order it separately.

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Reference 550-092
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