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Nimbus Modul R 600 Project LED Suspended Luminaire, Rossoacoustic PAD R 600



With its soft patterned surface indentations, the corner radii and the tapering of the edges, the design of the Rossoacoustic PADs invokes some design elements of the Nimbus LED luminaires. The edge lengths and diameters of the Rossoacoustic PADs also perfectly match their corresponding lighting counterparts, the Nimbus Modul Q and Modul R Project LED luminaires.




The Rossoacoustic PADs come in a variety of different colours. In addition to a warm white, there is a selection of 6 harmonious natural colours that enable a variety of coherent colour combinations.



The simple, understated structural system Qubo can be assembled into elegant, slimline structures, such as cubes, shelf units, tables, plinths, and gondolas. Thanks to the electrification feature, the universal structures readily incorporate lighting, including LED shelving, and digital devices.

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                                         Quobo 25 P/L 

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