Invisible 6 Single power adapter 24 V

for wooden shelf, for invisible 6 P/L 

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silver or black

With mounting plate for wooden shelf.

To be inserted into the electrical profile.

The single power adapter must only be connected by authorised qualified personnel.

Nominal voltage = 24 V / SELV

Nominal current max. 4 A

The single power adapter may only be used with the Invisible 6 P/L profile!

Incl. supply cable for electrical appliances L = 500 mm.

At least 2 brackets 321-729.31 are required per shelf.

drawing NR. 229-881 wooden shelf LED 620 MM

drawing NR. 229-882 wooden shelf LED 995 MM

drawing NR. 229-883 wooden shelf LED 1245 MM

Reference 225-946.19
Data sheet
Nominal Voltage 24 V / SELV
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