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Omnio - Unit Acces Control System

Control your customer flow without using staff

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The system consists a simple element that is set up at the entrance to the store and in addition to cameras and a display, provides presentation areas for information material, products, disinfectants, etc. The cameras count each new entrance to the store based on a fixed maximum number of visitors and control the flow of customers with a simple traffic light system in the display. In addition, people waiting in front of the entrance can be informed about rules of conduct, for example, in the freely playable display. And all this without additional personnel costs. By combining the Visplay system with a digital display, the system can be easily integrated into the normal store architecture in the post-Covid-19 era as a shelf system for product presentations with digital advertising display.

Control of the customer flow without personnel deployment, one-time investment

Easy to install

Easy to use for local staff - daily adjustment of the number of employees via App


Display can be used in many ways for advertising, rules of conduct or other content

Maintenance free

6 days support (remote maintenance) possible - worldwide

Subsequent use as shelf incl. advertising display

The shelf can be easily extended

Cameras can be installed on the ceiling and be used as a customer counter afterwards

Shelf system is available in two versions - with an 32inch or 43inch monitor

System Omnio Black Steel duro

Reference 993-ACS-32.26
Data sheet
Nominal Voltage 24 V / SELV
Specific References